Saturday, February 10, 2007

Love is where it's at.

Okay, so Autumn is in an early Lindsay Lohan phase. She started watching the remake of Parent Trap and is now on to the remake of Freak Friday. I, personally, loved both of those remakes. I imagine she'll want me to track down the Herbie (the Lovebug) remake Lohan did too. It's a shame that Lindsay, herself, seems so messed up. She's got a lot of talent. But that doesn't mean much...really? If one doesn't have their priorities straight and/or they possibly had a family modeling messed up values, all the talent in the world won't save one from loneliness, despair and sinful choices.

So, I won't feel guilty that Autumn is having a Movie day. Coz even though, Lohan, personally, may be trying to figure out what is most important in life, the girls she's playing, in the movies Autumn is watching, are girls who find out what IS the most important thing in life, which for a young girl , happen to be a loving family life. Everything good can flow from that.

I am in a Scripture & Papal Encyclical study at my Parish. It is a 4 year program for Moms and there is one for Dads. However, at our parish, there weren't enough dads to form a group (kinda typical huh?) . Anyway, I digress. In Familia, we are studying encyclicals written by Pope John Paul II (the Great). He constantly reinforces the Truth that the family IS the domestic Church. The family is where IT all starts. IT being LOVE. This is why it is so important to work at having a loving marriage (which is no cake walk!). My kids may blush and turn away when Robert is kissing me or I am giving him a welcome home from work hug. But they are lucky kids. They know their parents really love each other (though, unfortunately they've heard the arguments too) and that nothing will change that. How can I be so sure? Because Robert and I, finally got our priorities straight. God comes first. God is love. Real love. Demanding love. But, of course, the best love.

In the "Letter to Families" section 14, JP II writes:
14. The Love which the Apostle Paul celebrates in the First Letter to the Corinthians -
the love which is "patient" and "kind" and "endures all things" (1 Cor 13:4,7) -
is certainly a demanding love. But this is precisely the source of it's beauty: by
the very fact that is is demanding, it builds up the true good of man and allows
it to radiate to others. The good says Saint Thomas, is by it's nature "diffusive".
Love is true when it creates the good of persons and communities; it creates
that good and gives it to others. Only the one who is able to be demanding with
himself in the name of love can also demand love from others. Love is demanding
It makes demands in all human situations; it is even more demanding in the case
of those who are open to the Gospel. Is this not what Christ proclaims in "his"
commandment? Nowadays people need to rediscover this demanding love, for
it is the truly firm foundation of the family, a foundation able to "endure
all things". According to the Apostle, love is not able to "endure all things" if
it yields to "jealousies", or if it is "boastful... arrogant or rude" (cf. 1 Cor 13: 5-6).
True love, Saint Paul teaches, is different: "Love believes all things, hopes all
things, endures all things" (1 Cor 13:7). This is the very love which "endures all
things". At work within it is the power of God himself, who "is love" (1 Jn 4:8,16)
At work is also the power and strength of Christ, the Redeemer of man and the
Savior of the world.

That is "the" kind of love Robert and I stumbled upon (thanks entirely to God's grace) a few years ago, and amazingly love each other more, because of how demanding love is, instead of less. So, I guess that is what is wrong with the real lives of those like Lindsay Lohan...too much superficial love. The "it's all about me" kind of love. Which really isn't love, but lust for things, people, experiences. JP II takes about real love being the "gift of one's self for/to others". The fake love is about what gifts one can give to oneself. Isn't it interesting that you can empty yourself for God and others, out of love, and feel so FULL...yet, you can acquire "people, places, things" all day long and be left feeling so entirely EMPTY? Well, I want to feel full. I want my kids to feel full. And they will only feel full if Robert and I love each other and love them with the kind of love God wants...then maybe (with a lot of hope and prayer) they will grow up to have what poor Miss Lohan is missing...authentic, demanding, wonderful LOVE!

Peace out,


laymanx4 said...

Rachel, I'm testing this out, I'm enjoying your blog. rach

laymanx4 said...

Yes, Love is patient and Love is kind, I understand this and live this creed and was raised with this creed by my mother and grandmother. Perhaps my upset with my eldist is that I am "jealous". Maybe I'm finally figuring this out and maybe with this understanding I will see that if I remain jealous, I will continue to react to the teenage ways that upset me..."feeling like I am invisible to my eldist child and that his friends and emerging adult life are what get his attentions...." Rachel, your ministry worked. Perhaps it is the hidden sight of jealousy that has me stuck and over analyzing his every way toward me, which may be normal and his true way of pulling away to find out who he is apart from me, the one he has been attached to since birth. Remember a few years ago, his fear of being left at the Museum class, the anxiety that overwhelmed him to heart palpitations, dry mouth and near passing out? His clinging to me and extolling that I not leave him there alone? Is this era the opposite so as to help him be an individual? Why can I not let go day to day when fundamentally I understand this "Love" logic?
I love you Rachel Ross!
written by Rachel L.