Thursday, June 21, 2007

A little happiness

Oh, I forgot, through all my cyberwhining, one thing that is bringing me such happiness. It is Harry Potter. Some may think, quite mistakenly, that it's a book series just for kids...but, oh no, it is not. As Harry gets older and matures so do the themes in the books. I am rereading #4 right now and having a great time. I love the way I get taken away to a completely different world , it is such perfect escapism. Sure, there are more adult books out there, but ya know, except for fun stuff like ChickLit, I don't need to be dragged into someone else's dysfunctional life. I already have one of my own...thanks! So, HP really fits the bill . And to think the Order of the Phoenix film will be out soon, and the final book too. July should prove to be a fun month.


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