Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beautiful Day

Okay, so today is AWESOME! I love Fall (obviously, my daughter's name is Autumn), but, man, when it kicks in there is nothing better. Atlanta is a pretty city, as are it's suburbs, one in which I happen to reside. There are so many trees and garden-y type things here. It is so lush with foliage. So, seeing a few trees with tips of red or gold just gives me tingles. Then there is the weather. The kind that had me just cuddling my hubby this morning with no real urge to leave bed. (And yes, it was G rated cuddling...the door was open and the kids were going in and, alas, just G rated cuddling.) It was in the high 50's when we woke up and, now at 3:45pm is about 74. It is clear, sunny, breezy and wonderful. Thank you God for Autumn!!!

After cuddle time I took Ben and Autumn to the park to play tennis. They are so into it now. At least, if my dad isn't going to be an active grampa and only show up every 4 years (like last week) he did have a great time with the kids and introduced them to a sport they seem to really love. Funny, if Dad could have been more unschoolish with me, maybe I wouldn't have grown up hating tennis. I don't hate it anymore. But, because Dad had Chrissy Evert aspirations for me, which I did NOT have for myself, I spent more time throwing rackets at him over the net, than figuring out if I really liked the game. It's the same ole' story of being introduced to something in a "see if you like this because I love it sort of way" or "because I love this I am going to make you like it by forcing you to get involved". The latter always turns people off. Ever notice that?

So I just watched a really good movie titled "Catch and Release" with Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith. Robert watched it with me. It was a great little ensemble piece involving love, loss and finding out who people really are. Of course, it took 3 hours to watch a film that was barely 2 hours long. It seems Ben and Autumn can't be without Robert or me for much time at all. Sweet, but annoying. They had me all to themselves for 2 hours playing tennis earlier. Give mama a break, please!!

Well, I am sitting here at my pc as the breeze blows across my arms. So, I think God is trying to lure me back outside. Maybe it's time for a late afternoon coffee on the deck as I watch the kids scream and chase each other around the house.

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