Friday, November 16, 2007

Autumn Rocks!

And I am actually not referring to my daughter, Autumn, who does , in fact, rock. I mean the season (which is the reason we named our daughter Autumn). Atlanta has just exploded in Autumnal colors these last few days. I had to go to the doc today because this icky cold actually turned into an ear infection. I am a grown up, I didn't think that could happen. Anyway, I took the scenic route (aka local roads) to the docs because it is just soooooo beautiful out. It is sunny and 50 degrees. I think the 50's are my favorite temperature. I love it cool. Actually, I really love it cold and snowing, but living in the southeast doesn't always give me that. I will have to start praying for snow while I am praying for rain. Hey, maybe that is how we will get over this having a blizzard. That would be awesome!

You see, I was born in Long Island, New York in a little (very happening) town called Southampton. My parents moved to Palm Beach county Florida when I was 8. Pretty much ruining my little life at the time. I loved my small town, and hated the big, perpetually hot city. I also desperately missed the 4 seasons. I lived for 20 years in south Florida until I was able to escape by getting married. To this day, sunny, hot weather with palm trees doesn't make me swoon. Though I do love the ocean, as Southampton is a beach town. My idea of a vacation is to go back to Southampton, or Alaska, Scotland, and maybe the Fall or Winter.

Well, it is time for me to hit the pharmacy and get my meds. I need to get better by Thanksgiving because we are always the host family.


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Wendy said...

I was born in Palm Beach county and lived there until I was about 11. We lived in Lake Worth, just over the line from Palm Springs. I've lived in Charleston SC ever since. I have to say I prefer it here.