Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas Clean

Well, things are looking a right Christmasy around here. On Nov. 1st, my Mom's birthday, I start decorationg the house for Christmas. Then I started to feel pretty cruddy, so I stopped. Yesterday, my darling hubby, put up the 2 faux trees that we have upstairs. One in the hallway (it's a wide hallway and you see the tree the minute your halfway up the stairs). The other one is in our bedroom. We will get the real one for downstairs in December. Sooooooo, I really need to mop the floors...which means the doing the entire downstairs (wood) and upstairs hallway (wood)...darn it and the bathrooms...ugh! The fun thing is that I get to do it with a new present given to me this morning by my best buddy Kathleen (that is her up there to the left of me). I dropped off Ben and we had coffee and cinnamon scones (she made while I was there...yum!) and she got me this little 4 pack of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day stuff, which I love. It's Gingerbread scented. So, since Robert is off with Autumn to see Santa arrive at the Mall and Ben is at Kathleen's playing with her kids and Andrew is off in a Fencing tournament (Go Hornets!).....I am going to clean my Christmas house and make it smell like Gingerbread. I love cleaning when no one is around to bother me. It's very contemplative...even if I am listening to alternative rock turned up to ear-splitting levels. :-)

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piscesgrrl said...

So you put up three trees? Oh my, now I'm really feeling guilty! I don't know what my problem is, I just don't really like holiday decorations. I'm sort clutter-phobic so I think it's just too much stuff in my space. My poor kids though - I really should try harder for them. I love the idea of a tree in your upstairs hallway and bedroom! Falling asleep to holiday lights sounds very nice!

Thx for stopping by my blog - how did you find me? I'm always curious about that! It's good to connect with other unschoolers in school!