Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gal Pals

Autumn has her good friend Joy Beth over today. This morning was our parish Familia meeting ( of which Joy's mom, Sara (an unschooling Catholic friend) and I, are both members. We met at my house today. Sara had to take her older daughter to a Challenge meeting so I suggested Joy Beth stay here. I love these kind of days for kids. The 2 girls are just having a great time using their imaginations and just playing, playing, playing. It's so good for them. I just don't thing kids get enough of real play anymore. Even with homeschoolers there is this seeming need to have any kind of kid get together mean something more than just playing. UGH! It drives me crazy. Most of the time when I try and get together with friends, I have no motive other than to be with them. Why isn't that good enough for our children?

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