Monday, November 26, 2007

Seven facts about me (aren't you sooo curious?)

I have been tagged by Wendy.

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Here are my 7 things.

1) My favorite weather in the world is a cold, snowy, overcast day. Snow is rare here in Atlanta. I love cold, wind, rain and generally any weather that would make you think you were on the moors, in England, with Jane Eyre (my favorite book). As I write this it is about 50F outside, foggy, raining and AWESOME!!!

2) I have met the B-52's, Echo & The Bunnymen, Flesh For Lulu, The Fixx , some members of the cast of Happy Days ,the comedian Carrot Top, and Don Johnson when I was an Extra in 2 episodes of Miami Vice.

3) I nursed all of my kids until they were 5 years old. ( I must have been pumping out heroin!)
And speaking of breastfeeding, I was a post-partum doula and WIC volunteer Breastfeeding Peer Counselor too. (Yeah, I'm a former La Leche Leaguer.)

4) I was a model (not a famous one, in the 80's) and on one of my shoots I worked with Michael Michelle (the beautiful bi-racial actress who was recently on the show House. She was the doctor who worked for the CIA) . We and 2 other models were in NYC being photographed by the photographer who shot the Cosmopolitan covers.

5) When I was in highschool and early college (which I dropped out of) , I was a New Wave queen. I had a purple chin length bob haircut. I wore black leather mini skirts, low-healed red leather pumps and usually some "new romantic aka Duran Duran style" shirt. My favorite groups at the time were The Police, Smiths, Cure, New Order, Duran Duran, U2. I spent all my free time going to New Wave dance clubs.

6) My mom's family (the Herricks) had their geneology done in the 1950's and I am descended from Robert de Pierrepont ( who fought alongside Willam Hastings in the Battle of Hastings of 1066), Sir Robert Herrick, Cavalier poet from the 1500's and the Rev. Jonathan Edwards (through his wife Sarah Pierpont), the great Fire and Brimstone preacher from the period known as the Great Awakening. In fact, my little brother's name is Jonathan Edwards Moore.

7) I am originally from Southampton, NY. The oldest English settlement in New York state. My mother's family, the Herricks, arrived there in 1653. I was baptised in the First Presbyterian Church of Southampton, NY which was the first Presbyterian church built in the United States. There are several streets in Southampton named after our family.

Now, who am I gonna tag.

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Have fun...gotta run.


Madeline said...

Rachel, I too am from the north - NYC and Boston. I was acting in NY when you were modeling. cool. I loved reading these. I have to get ready for my in-laws' five day visit and don't now when I'll get to this - but thanks for the tag.

Rachel said...


No Problem. I got tagged over a week ago and just got to it this morning. :-)

Leonie said...

Ooh, you met the B52s! Cool!!

And thanks for the tag....