Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Synthetic Animation....on pause

This is Andrew's band, Synthetic Animation. They are alternative rock. You can find them on their my space page listed below.

From L-R is Eric on guitar, (with Superman laser eyes) Andrew in back on drums, in the front middle is Will (vocals, keyboards), Steven on bass guitar; who was later replaced by Jake (not pictured). Will was in a car accident the first weekend in October. For several weeks no one was sure Will would make it. Will is doing remarkably well now. Andrew finally got to visit him Monday. He's talking, laughing, and reading. He is going to have to relearn how to walk, and his short term memory needs help. I think, though, he will recover. So, things are on hold for the band...and it's very quiet in the basement where they practice. Please continue to pray for Will and all the boys in the band. Oh..and thank you God for keeping Will here with us. For updates see

Below is a picture of Andrew and Will being the goofballs they are (during lunch at school) just a couple of weeks before the accident. Oh, and here's their band's website

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piscesgrrl said...

Our boys are into some of the same things! My son has a band, too. I'll tell him about your son's myspace page!