Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas is Coming, Christmas is Coming

I haven't downloaded all the recent pictures lately, which include the real tree we got Friday night. However, a couple of days ago, when the house was clean and beautiful (unlike right now...ugh!) I snapped some shots of how Christmas is shaping up around here. Later I am going to post as much as I can remember of our Priest's Advent homily yesterday. It was sooooo good.

Below are pics of the front yard, coming into the house, the foyer, living room from 2 angles, staircase, dining room and the last one is the view from my bed. We gotta have a tree in the bedroom. Nothing like going to sleep to twinkly lights. Oh, and unlike some of your lucky bloggers out there, we don't have snow. However, it is 41 degress and windy...and I'll take it! :-)


Cindy said...

Your house looks lovely, Rachel!

In fact, your colors look so much like my house--- the warm yellow, white cabintes and bookshelfs. Humm... the hardwood floors are pretty. We have lookalike hardwood in our kitchen, and I am trying to decide when the time comes if we should go hardwood in the rest of the house and you are convincing me!

I love your Santa welcoming everyone at your front door.

And your overflowing bookcase looks very familiar.

Thanks for shaing the pictures!


piscesgrrl said...

ohmygosh, your house is just lovely! Makes me wish I liked decorations a bit more! Maybe if my house was bigger, I wouldn't get so stressed out by them.

I love quotes, and I snagged the Plato one in your sidebar for my new sig line. I'd been needing a new one - thanks for sharing!

Alice Gunther said...

Oh, I love your house and decorations!!! That picture of the Blessed Mother and child being serenaded by angels over your mantel is one of my all time favorites.