Friday, December 7, 2007

My Patron Saint shoulda been this guy...

St. Expeditus...the Patron Saint of Procrastinators! How Awesome!!!
Apparently, he is wearing water tight boots, in the pic, because he is always prepared. My motto has always been the Mark Twain quote, "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow." I even have it printed on a t-shirt.

Here is a perfect example. I mentioned to the kids, earlier, that it was the Feast of St. Nicholas (when it still was, of course!). But, did I remember to have them put out their shoes Wednesday night? No! Did I do any cool craft thing with them or read them a book about him? Noooooo! But, in my pathetic defense, I did make some red and green paperchains with Autumn at around 11:30pm (the kid never sleeps) so that was Christmas themed? Yes, but St. Nick themed Maybe...ish...NOT....okay fine... I am pathetic. I even have 5 huge mounds of laundry in my bedroom to be folded and put away. I HATE putting it all away. Washing, drying and even folding is fine. And I am a neat freak. A procrastinating neat freak? How IS that possible? Anyway, I gotta start asking for a little intercession from good ole St. Expeditus...because I could sure use his help.

Good nite! (Though I am even procrastinating going to bed, which will only make me procrastinate waking up. Oh well, at least I DID roast some coffee tonite, so we will have that to look forward to.)


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