Friday, December 28, 2007

What I got for Christmas

I really only ever want one thing for any gift giving celebration, and that would be books. I got a bunch of them. I did get, however, a pair of really cool earrings from my Hunny. They are made from 2,000 year old glass mined in Israel. They are very neat. I love them alot. I am not big into jewelry, so I will probably wear these earrings forever. The only other jewelry I wear is my Crucifix and Miraculous Medal. However, I need to get a sterling silver chain for them as I snapped it off again. I didn't realize it was on the outside of my sweater. When I pulled it over my head I heard the telltale pop! It is a good thing they are only about 6 bucks!

So, here are the books I got.

My very own copy of John Taylor Gatto's Underground History of American Education!!! (I like rereading sections of it, and there is only ONE copy in all of the Fulton County Library System...a shame!)
Homeschool Your Child For Free. Yes, it is 7 years old and many links are dead, but many are not, and I have already found very cool and fun websites for the kids that would have covered the cost of the book.
How Children Learn by John Holt. I have never had my own copy. Now I do. Yipee!
The Out of Sync Child Has Fun (Activities for Kids with SPD). This has tons of fun ideas for things to do whether your kid has sensory issues or not.
How To Get Your Child To Love Reading and Best Books For Kids Who (think they) Hate To Read. Both of those title should explain what I am going through with Ben and Autumn. I want to find ways to help them to enjoy, and maybe even come to love, reading...without much coercion on my part. So, hopefully, they will be helpful.

Last, I got a book that should prove to be informative, funny and comforting to my pathetic soul
Saints Behaving Badly (The cutthroats, crooks, trollops, con men, and Devil worshippers who became Saints). I figure if they can can I!

I didn't get fiction, because that stuff I don't mind checking out of the library or finding at Goodwill. Non-fiction that I may use over again, I like to own. My next purchase is going to be:
The Unprocessed Child.

So, thank you to my husband and MIL Carmel for my wonderful books!


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