Friday, January 4, 2008

Good Luck Huck!

Congrats to  Mike Huckabee for winning the Iowa Caucus last night.  It is about time this really cool guy pulled out ahead.  I think it is a real shame that there a many homeschoolers out there who have completely and unfairly stereotype Huckabee as the choice for Evangelicals.  My husband is friends with someone very high up in the music industry, in L.A., who has always voted for Liberals, and has said that he loves Huckabee's position on music and the arts to much that he is going to vote for him.  If some of you homeschoolers out there hate the idea of people prejudging you because you homeschool, why would you turn around and do the same thing to Huckabee just because he is an Evangelical?

I am a conservative Catholic with very liberal ideas regarding education therefore I am committed to unschooling, and the only guy getting my vote is Mike Huckabee!



James H said...

Great post. I am going to try to do a list of Catholic blogs that like Huckabee and will include you

momof3feistykids said...

Good point. We need to be careful about prejudging anyone's social and political views -- including evangelical Christians.

Rachel R. said...


Thanks. I used to be an Evangelical Christian who horribly judged Catholics and now I am one. (God's little joke on me!) So that is why I wrote what I wrote about Huckabee. There a many secular homeschoolers who just want to pass him over because of his ties with Evangelicalism and he is worth taking a closer look at.

I also wanted to say I have been to your blog a bunch and we share the NVLD in our special needs kids. Email me sometime as I would love to chat with you because we are going to bring our son, Ben, back homeschooling next Fall. He is currently in a special needs public school. You can read about him by looking at labels in my blog listed under "Ben". I would love to get your advice about some stuff.