Sunday, February 24, 2008

4 Real Learning Forums FRUSTRATION!

I have been trying to get on the 4 Real Learning Forum for MONTHS.  It says I am registered but my membership has not been approved.  I wish someone would just email me and say, "Rachel, we don't like you or your blog and you are not good enough for us."  Then I would quit trying to get into some interesting conversations.  I can read stuff but can't post. A bunch of the moms over there are moms from my Near Circles.  My friend, Sara, is a member and she doesn't even know how she got on.  WHAT GIVES!?!  The worst thing is there is no way to contact whoever moderates the list and accepts I am forever in the purgatory of waiting to be admitted.  I know I can be a little rough around the edges, but I'm a devout Catholic homeschooling mama....I promise.  I mean, c'mon, does it take 3 months to approve of someone? 

I just wanna know?  Am I in or out?



Leonie said...

I am a moderator - and we just naturally appove people. Really. Its nothing about you. prob a hitch. I think I mentioned before that there web difficulties - can you try re-registering ?

Leonie said...

BTW, I've asked the other mods for help - maybe we can sort this out! Its obviously a tech thing, no way woud we wait 3 months to apove! lol! Sorry this has happened to you....

Moonlight in Vermont said...

I got to your blog from Leonie's blog. Hoping to read about your unschooling days:) Our lives are turning more into unschooling lately than actual "schooling"


btw, I like your taste in music:)

KC said...

Glad Leonie answered. Can't wait to see you on the boards.

Rachel said...


Please don't think I am mad. I truly am just frustrated. I tried re-registering but when I did the site says I am already a registered user. I only have one email to use so it's a no go. Like I said, I'm frustrated because cool chicks like you are on those boards. I was actually kidding about not being liked...just my self-depricating humor kicking in.
Thanks for trying to sort it out though...that is wonderful of you.:-)


Leonie said...

Oh, I didn't think you were mad
;-) What name did you register under - what was you user name? It will help with sorting out tech difficulties. You can email it to me if you prefer -