Friday, February 29, 2008

It's a boy! (needs prayers)

No, not mine, really, but we were just asked to be his Godparents.  I have a Godson, I'm going to be a cool!  My little Godson's name is Terry Andrew S.... (not mentioning last names).  I have never had this honor before.  My kids have honorary Godparents, because we weren't Catholic when they were born.  Robert was recently asked to be the Godfather to his best bud's ( from college) little girl.  Though they are Methodist, and having been one once, I know they don't actually acknowledge Godparents.  It's really just a nice way of honoring a close what I did with my kids.  There was no ceremony.

Anyway, enough blabbering.  Terry is the 3rd child (and 3rd son) to friends from church.  He looks like his mom, Rebecca, which is nice, since his Dad, Steve, already has the first two, Stevie and Brad, who look like him.
I have been told that his first name is in honor of St. Therese the Little Flower. And, I don't know why his middle name is Andrew,  though because I have an Andrew,  I told Steve I couldn't say no to being Terry's Godmother, because I am partial to the name Andrew.  :-) 

 Please pray for Terry and Rebecca.  He was taken by C-sec early, his due date was 3/14,  but he was born 2/25,  because Rebecca was becoming Toxemic.  He was just 2 -1/2 weeks early, and a good size: about 7-1/2 lbs and almost 20inches long.  However, he was having a hard time breathing due to fluid in his lungs.  The NICU team expects he'll be fine, but now he has a line to his tummy to tube feed him due to a weak suck and his is getting jaundiced.  He has not roomed in with Rebecca and is still in the nursery. Rebecca has only seen him a couple of times, and the first time was TWO DAYS after he was born!!!  The hosptial staff has not been that understanding for reasons I discuss later in this post.  So, suffice it to say, Rebecca has been quite stressed out!

Rebecca wasn't able to nurse Stevie, but with my help (the Nipple Nazi) she nursed Brad for a year.  She wants to do the same with Terry and all this stuff going on is really  taking it's toll on her.  As a result,  her blood pressure has shot back up and the docs are having a hard time stabilizing it.  We need prayers that Rebecca's blood pressure stablizes, and that Terry gets his strength up and his bilirubin out and will be able to nurse and come home.  Both of them are still in the hospital and this is really tough on husband Steve, Stevie, 6, and Brad, 30 months.

Both Steve and Rebecca are faithful Catholics.  Both also suffer from disabilities...Steve has a seizure disorder and paralysis on one side.  Rebecca has a visual impairment of both irises.  As a result, the staff at the hospital is sometimes less than understanding.  One gets the feeling that many of them resent that Steve and Rebecca dared to even have one child let alone THREE!    It is a shame how much judgement and lack of love there is in the world.  Well, I applaud them and everyone at our Parish,  who are just great about helping them.

Please pray for all of them, but especially mom and baby: Rebecca and Terry.
And, hey, I have been asking God for another baby,  maybe my answer is this cool!

Thank You!

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Catholic Wife and Mother said...

Prayers, prayers!

And congratulations to you, Godmother!