Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Response to Anonymous

anonymous said...

Are you Catholic? This is the second time I have visited your blog and have been scandalalized.

February 6, 2008 10:37 AM

I am sorry you have been scandalized. I guess I would say not to visit my blog anymore.

Yes, I am Catholic. And I am overjoyed to be so. I am a convert. I love Mass, I go to confession regularly, use NFP, am Lay Director of our next Christ Renews His Parish retreat, and am currently in my last year (out of 4) of the Regnum Christi apostolate: Familia. That is me down there so that you can imagine me talking with you.

I adore my husband and he adores me, but we aren't robots, and we find the opposite sex attractive. It doesn't mean I am going to run off with someone. It's like looking at have your favorite, which is hanging in your home, but you still like looking at the others because they are...well...beautiful. I am not interested in getting intimate with these people! I just think they are attractive.

Maybe you should look through other parts of my blog, to get a better idea of who I am. Not that I really need to justify it to a person who isn't even willing to identify themselves.

But just to be clear, let me tell you what I find scandalizing...and this happened to me. I was going through my Inquiry period at the Catholic parish near my home, which is what I thought one would do if they were interested in being Catholic. Wow! Was I wrong. The longer I stayed there, it became obvious to me that none of the people running the RCIA program were really interested in being Catholic themselves. They dismissed Confession, saying try to make it quarterly, if you can even do that. When asked about NFP, I got this line about how the Church was wrong on that one. (Now having read through several encyclicals by Pope JPII I understand the wisdom and beauty and TRUTH of the Church's teachings on sexuality). Everytime I tried to understand the Church's teaching on the tough issues like female ordination, gay marriage, abortion, salvation etc I was railroaded with RELATIVISM! I seriously thought that maybe God didn't want me to be Catholic, but to stay in my Conservative Evangelical spot and do the best for Him there. But, oh, how I wanted the Eucharist, because through my reading of the likes of Scott Hahn, I came to realize that was MY LORD in that transformed bread and wine.

I pulled out of the RCIA program, at that parish, before the Rite of Welcome, because the RCIAers had to attend a Lenten talk with the new Director Faith Formation (DFF) who proceeded to tell us, in said talk, that Christ really didn't go out into the desert for 40 days. It was a story, as was most of the Gospel of Mark, and then he went on to say how St. Paul was a Universalist!!!! I nearly puked!

I informed them that I couldn't stay in RCIA anymore. They were relieved, they wanted me to leave. They said I asked too many questions and was annoying them on my quest for TRUTH (they said there was no absolute truth) and so I walked out and cried my way home, wondering why God would bring me so far (because prior to all this I was seriously Anti-Catholicism) and leave me standing at the door...never to come in.

It was a couple of months later, that I was PROVIDENTIALLY put in touch with the DRE of the Archdiocese of Atlanta and he informed me that the priest of said parish, and his DFF were being investigated and that the Papal Nunzio of the US had been written regarding their behavior. In other words, I wasn't the only one to notice they didn't act Catholic. Apparently, since my leaving the RCIA there, the DFF, at said parish, had reorganized the Adult formation program and of the 6 course offerings, 1 was by a dissident priest, 1 was by the Liberal Episcopalian and Gay rights activist Bishop Spong, and the other 4 were Protestant authors. By doing so this DFF had completely freaked out a bunch of the parishioners.

Also, you might be interested in looking into a group called Communion and Liberation. It sounds kind of Liberal but it is not. If Regnum Christi thinks it's great, it has to be on the up and up. Anyway, part of their philosophy is that Catholics can't become completely immersed in a Catholic subculture, where nothing is good or valuable unless it is Catholic. Because then people who are still in the world and need to be reached for Christ to enter into their lives will never be in position to interact with you. Here is a link that will explain this better than I can myself.

So, all of the above, to me, is a scandal...passing incorrect teachings of the Church on to an inquiring mind.   My husband wearing sweats to Mass, is not as much a scandal, as it is stupid, but now he has seen the error of his ways.  My thinking the guy who plays Dr. Who is cute, or that Barack Obama is good looking, isn't scandalous, unless those pics make people want to run off and leave their husbands.  Which is pretty stupid.  I am not uploading porn on my site. 

In closing, I would just like to reiterate my first sentence.  I am sorry if you have been scandalized.  I guess I would say not to visit my blog anymore.  And might I also add, thank you for judging my spiritual state.  I thought God was supposed to that...I didn't know that he put you in charge.



WellManneredFrivolity said...

Don't you just love anonymous critical comments? I haven't received any since the time I ticked off the local atheists. Apparently atheists lack a sense of humor.

I, too, am scandalized--by the scandalizingly lovely pictures of The Doctor you have been posting. I'm still swooning over the The Smiths/David Tennant video clip.
Be still my beating heart.

I am proof that you can gawk at gorgeousness and still be a Christin (Baptist in my case).:)

Rachel R. said...

Thanks, Wendy, that is why, though I don't know you in person, I love you anyway!
You have a great sense of humor and wonderful perspective.

Rock On Christian Sister!

Leonie said...

I am sorry you got this comment - why oh why? I think your blog is very Catholic - and, hey I am a Catholic mum who loves the new Dr Who, who has male friends she texts, who is into pop culture and swons over several actors. :-)