Friday, March 21, 2008

Another AMAZING post!

I dare you to read it, especially those of you who don't buy into unschooling or even homeschooling. I dare those of you to read it who *really* think schooling is the answer, or that even copying schooling in your homes, as so many homeschoolers do with curriculums, is the answer. This post (letter) was written by a public high school biology teacher now unschooling mom, when she resigned.  It is long but well worth reading all the way through! It is profoundly true.

Hey, I have a kid in school. Andrew was unschooled and he made the choice to go to high school. He wanted to do it and we said, "Go for it! You can always come home, but if you decide you like it, learn to play the game...because it *is* a game." Well, he liked it enough to continue, but we have had MANY discussions, over the last four years, regarding so much of the mindless and pointless aspects of traditional public (and private) schooling.  To be honest, I don't know if I can go through high school again with another kid. These last four years have darn near done me in.  So, here's hoping Ben and Autumn stay home.

Speaking of Ben, in reference to the linked post, unfortunately, he would absolutely be pegged as a 'loser'. In fact, he already has been deemed as such by the public school system.  The rub that comes with putting one's child in a special needs public school setting is that they have got him 'marked for life'.  That is why, even though we all needed a break from one another, and the school Ben goes to is the lessor of two evils, we still HAVE TO get him out of there, never to return, when this year is over.   I just can't, in good conscience, do public school anymore.  Even if Ben's best interests continue to lie in a school setting.  No matter what we have to do, it's going to HAVE to be private.  My dream, my hope, my prayer, is that he can come back home to unschooling and all of us be happy and at peace with the decision.

I am just glad that I came to my senses, when I did, about Autumn, and that she will grow up relatively free and unfettered by all this complete crap!



molly said...

Thanks for the link, great article indeed!


Rhea said...

That was a very interesting letter you linked you. Wow. Food for thought.