Tuesday, March 4, 2008

McCain is so darn BORING!

and not the least of which is important...too darn moderate for me.  Ugh! I hear him muttering on and on downstairs on FOX News.  Of course, I watched Mike Huckabee withdraw from the race and LOVED listening to him say his thank yous and talk about his campaign.  Huck's so interesting, such a good speaker, so funny and gracious.  Then McCain comes on and I find myself falling asleep.  What the heck is gonna happen if Obama gets the nomination for the Dems?  Obama is great to listen to.  I don't agree with him...he's a Mega-Liberal and I am a Reagan Conservative, but the truth is he is a great speaker.  McCain is going to put people to sleep.  Even though McCain has a marginally better message than the Dems, no one is going to be listening because his speaking style is so dull that everyone will be lying splayed out on their couches, heads lolling over while drooling on their night shirts.  If Hilary gets the nomination I think it would be easier for McCain to win, just because people hate Hilary. Still, though,  how did this happen?  Of all the Republicans that it falls to McCain just astonishes me.  

I know I said before that I wouldn't vote for McCain, but I'm gonna have to.  I can't vote for Obama or Clinton, they are so far left and such pro-abortion advocates.  I can't vote for people who fight among themselves over who is the better advocate for 'Choice'.  Even Andrew, my pro-life baby, said, "How odd to compete over who is more pro choice ....which is actually arguing over who is more in favor of killing babies.  Like you want to brag about that! How stupid!"  

If I have to grasp at straws where McCain is concerned, at least, there is a better chance of a conservative judge being put on the Supreme court, if and when there is an opening, with McCain as president than either Clinton or Obama.  Either of them would just give us another Ruth B Ginsberg.

I guess, though, that I will have to take my chances that McCain could be Obama, because I REALLY don't want Hilary to get the Dems nomination.  I don't want her to have the satisfaction!

Time for Bed,


Cindy said...

Hi Rachel-

I thought of you yesterday as I stood at the voting booth for the Texas primaries, casting my ballot for Huckabee.

He was not my first choice (but I know you love him!) Yes, we are between a rock and a hard place this election. Our dems are dismal.
McCain may bring more ruin to the republican party and I hope we can recover. Maybe he will be so bad another 'Reagan' will emerge from the mire in 4 years to repair us all. I hope.

But my Huckabee ballot was made as a futile protest vote to McCain and all the republicans. I hoped Huckabee would surge and show McCain we are NOT happy.

Huck did get 34%, but the media had little to say, and now he has bowed out.

We need to keep diligent and get good local, state and legislative conservaties in. This has prompted me to become more involved and has been a great lesson for the boys.. so maybe this is training for the next generation?

Enjoyed your comments!

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

Definitely. When I heard Huckabee's speech on TV last night, I was GLAD that I had cast my vote for him (not yesterday, but a few weeks ago). He deserved it.

And I am thankful to him for mentioning the unborn!!!

You're right. McCain does not get the juices stirring.

Regarding Hillary or Obama, I cannot say who is worst!

momof3feistykids said...

I have been avoiding most of the election news lately. I know it's wrong, but I just can't abide reading about Hillary and Barack sniping at each other. (Oh, and I don't watch TV. LOL) I am saddened to read, on your blog, that Obama and Clinton are going down the More Pro Choice Than Thou route. Sickening, isn't it? While I was never a Huckabee supporter, I hope people like him will continue to bring the pro-life issue to the table, so we can progress toward a workable solution to this problem (instead of the issue being shunted aside due to political expediency). I am blown away by Andrew. Out of the mouths of babes!