Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" kinda day

I realize I rarely write about what Autumn and I do.  Today was kind of a fun day for us and is a good example of how things unfold for us.  If you have read:  If You Give A Moose A Muffin,  If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, or If You Give A Pig A Pancake,  you will see the similarity.

We got up and I made coffee and cleaned the kitchen while she watched a new CGI version of Winnie-the Pooh. 
Then we watched some Rugrats and I blogged about my patroness (see below post).

Afterward, we switched the TV to Animal Planet and colored a picture from her St. Therese coloring book.  It contains really pretty pictures (not goofy cartoony looking things).  We were using colored pencils and practicing shading in different ways.  We talked about today being my Patroness' Feast Day, so I told Autumn a little about Margaret Clitherow.  Autumn wanted to know when she would get to have a patron saint and I told her she picks one, officially, at confirmation (because there is nothing stopping her from having one now).  So she told me she was picking Therese the Little Flower.  I told her it was a great choice.  She asked if it was okay for more than one person to have the same saint.  I told her it was okay.  Then I read her a Max & Ruby book , at her request. 

After watching the very sad, yet interesting, vet interns show on Animal Planet, we turned off the TV and rough housed a bit.  Autumn is really enjoying being held tightly and trying to escape.  I remember Andrew and Ben loving this too. (So, did I as a kid).  Then that morphed into us dancing around the house and Autumn being spun around (feet off the floor) in our only-bookcases-no-furniture-room.  After that, I spotted the Mary Memory card game I bought from CHC long ago.  So, we played it Go Fish style and talked about the different pictures of Mary and what some of them meant.  Then we played it Memory style.  Of course, Autumn won both times.  When she won the second time,  I asked her to give me 'five' and she kept missing a solid smack to my palms.  So, we started playing Miss Mary Mack and Brown Sugar Apple Sauce.  We were laughing hysterically, because I was trying to teach Autumn the back of the hand smack then turn and smack palms, then clap.  She kept screwing it up and saying , "Again again!"  We finally got it down.

Andrew and Ben has half days at school, so during our dancing around the house,  Ben came in,  said nary a word, and went down to play Halo 3 on Xbox 360 online.  Shortly after that,  Andrew and Eric (the lead guitarist in their band, Iconoclast) came home.  Andrew grabbed the keys to my van to pick up the rest of the band,  and Autumn and I headed outside (because it is beautiful today) to blow bubbles.  She and Ben got a bunch of bottles of bubbles in their Easter Baskets.   

So, we were out blowing bubbles for a bit and then noticed the kitties watching us.  So, we went into the house and started blowing bubbles at the cats.  They were intrigued and a little scared.  Well, we just kept doing it and then realized we were getting soap everywhere, but that it was okay because the floor really needed mopping.

That's when I decided to look for the camera, so I could get a few shots of Autumn blowing bubbles, all over the kitchen, at the cats.  I couldn't find it.  But I saw my iMac and thought, "Blog about this now before you forget."  So that is what I am doing.  And while I am doing this,  Autumn just yelled up and asked if I would pay her a couple of bucks if she mopped the kitchen and breakfast room floor (which is soapy).  I said, "Sure!"  So, now she is downstairs mopping and,  I have noticed,  that she went above and beyond what I asked and had mopped the entire downstairs.  How cool is that?

Well,  I need to get back to my day with my kidlets.  Just wanted to share a little bit of our lives.


P.S.  I just gotta add that Iconoclast is down in the basement practicing.  You can hear them all over the house though  the distance between floors dampens their sound a bit.  They are *really* good.  Andy's first band was more Indie-Pop kinda Killers-ish,  but this new band is more atmospheric Interpol/Radiohead-ish.  Anyway,  Andrew is not only the drummer, but the lead singer now.  His voice has a really cool low whispery quality to it.  It's kind of (for those in the know) Sisters of Mercy meets Coldplay meets Interpol.  It jazzes me to no end what a neat kid he is.

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Leonie said...

So nice to hear about your day! I should do a day sometime, too..