Friday, April 4, 2008

You do the "Mommy" math

Take this

Add one of these

plus this

plus this

plus this

oh, and add these in too

and you get this

who now looks like this (note the one, in the black suit, kissing the child)

I have news for me, the black suit isn't helping!


Alice Gunther said...

You are TOTALLY GORGEOUS!!!! In all the pictures--not just the top one! Wow! I wish I looked half that good!


And you have a beautiful family too!

Blogger Julie in Atlanta said...

You have a beautiful fam...and you look great. Last week in bible study we talked about vanity and how a mirror can depress us...and I took away a catchy motto from our small group leader "lets spends less time in the mirror and more time in the bible."

You are one hot mama though. :-)

Julie Franklin

Leonie said...

Way cool! :-)

Robert said...

I think you are beautiful, but I'm fully aware that my opinion doesn't matter :-)

Greg said...

Yep - Way cool then and now!! said...

Rachel you look awesome and have such a great family! I love reading your blog!

~cactus mouse~ said...

Any chance you're a SCAdian?

Rachel said...

Does that mean a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism?

That's the only SCA I know of.

Tell me if I am wrong...I am really curious!


~cactus mouse~ said...

Yep - that was what I meant. :) When I saw the garb, and the fencing, etc...I started to wonder :)

Anyway, glad I found your blog, even when I don't agree with with you, it's a good read!

btw - my DD18 is a drummer too. I showed her the drum set in some of the pics and she is way jealous (our house is too little for one!)