Wednesday, May 21, 2008

As it SHOULD be!!!

The first time I ever watched American Idol from the very beginning to the bitter end and the person I wanted to win it actually did. Way Cool!


Rob said...

first major props to Andrew for the Video Award.

watching the whole thing wasn't as painful as a i thought it would be. it was better than idol gives back, which i couldn't watch.

is Adams' on of those PETA People? i take back anything nice i said about him :) Then it's fitting that i got my new grill yestereday (anniv gift - and a future post)and grilled 6 pounds of hamburgers for the kids.

Carly and Michael were my two picks to win...the ones i wanted...not who i thought would win.

My 18 old went to see Ironman when it came out and loved it. her and my 15 year-old son went to the midnight opening of the new Indiana Jones movie last night. I talked to them for 10 seconds when they got home at 3am. they said it was just 'ok'

yeah the Pips were cool and Kimmel had some funny lines.

btw - i'll be posting the meme today

Catherine said...

The very first time I ever "follow" American Idol by blog interposed.
We get the same kind of show in France, always the same old french songs sung again and again, that's deadly boring! After watching it I get the impression to be my parents! You can believe me that our children avoid it, so do I!