Friday, June 27, 2008

Definitely Hives

Here's the deal.  I have not exercised today and just 10 minutes ago the right side of my face (which my hives seem to prefer) started to itch.  Now, I have 2 hot, red, itchy patches on my face: 1) the right side of my chin and 2) my right cheeck.  If I rub my hand over them I can feel a bunch of what feel like mosquito bites (those are the hives).  I was *just* heading down to my treadmill to walk and now that is O-U-T!  Crap!  I have also realized why exercising in the house, besides the A/C (which is set at 80, except for my bedroom which is 78, because this house is expensive to cool) has been better for dealing with hives.  It is because I can get to a cool shower almost immediately.  Whereas when I was out in the park I was covered in sweat for quite a while before getting it off of me. The heat and the salt (in my sweat) are form a deadly combo for triggering the hives.  As soon as I get sweaty I can bolt to a cold shower and head the hives off at the pass. Basically, I think I need to move to Juneau, Alaska. The high tops out around 45F this time of year (perfect for me).  I just need to whine one more time: 

Back to "offering it up".

P.S. Thanks, Rob, for commenting that you would "off yourself" if this happened to you.  What are you suggesting for me, exactly ? (hee hee).

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Rob said...

No problem...I'm just here to help.
Actually that was more a pathetic commentary on me and my exercise addicted self...

On a serious note. I'm sorry you are going through this. i hope it stops soon or some doc figures out a way to stop it.