Monday, July 7, 2008

The best combo: The Doctor & Muse

It's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have a huge crush on David Tennant from Doctor Who & Matt Bellamy from Muse. I have a thing for Brits (tho David Tennant is actually Scottish, he's still from Great Britain) I ended up marrying a polack (sp) is beyond me. Anyway, I found UK You Tube last night and, boy howdy, did I hit the motherload of all things David Tennant and Muse. It's even better when they are together like this video. The fangirl who made it did such a great job editing it to "I'm Feeling Good"...that I feel good just watching it. If you have never watched Dr. Who, please Netflix it. If you like Sci-Fi and quirky British humor, you will love this show. Just a tip. In England they call a tv season a 'series'. When the brought back Doctor Who the first new guy to play it was Christopher Eccleston. He was great. He only stayed one year. David Tennant came on for the following years. Doctor Who is a Time Lord who can regenerate up to 12 times before finally dying. David Tennant is the 10th incarnation (and best, IMO) of the Doctor. He is in 'Series' 2, 3, and the current 4th season. If you really want to know what is going on start watching it from Series 1.


P.S. I said I was Catholic, but I never said I was a perfect one. I tend to be the passionate kind of gal so my sin issues lie with wrath, gluttony and lust. God has brought me VERY far in the Gluttony department. And because I am eating better and exercising, He's more able to temper my Wrath too. However, Lust, in all honesty, is going to be the last to go. I'm just being honest. And hey, I have no interest in hanging with any guy besides my Hunny (but I SURE like looking!) Oh yeah, because of this I am not the jealous type. So I have no problem with my Hunny's appreciation for Kate Beckinsale and Milla Jovavich. Frankly, he's got darn good taste in women. (wink)


Rob said...

Should you be calling your husband a Polack when you can’t even spell Pollock?
Just a thought.

Rachel said...

Aha!, Rob, just so you know I googled polack and it is spelled polack, pollock, polock on various Polish Joke sites...which are worth a visit in their own right.

Since becoming Catholic, though, I have a new love of the Poles aka JPII. We had an adorable Polish priest at our parish a few years ago, too. (I know...I am horrible!)

Netflix this show...your kids will get a kick out of it too!

Catherine said...

So you find a sister fan in UK ?!
I'll try to watch this serie with Alex. We're yet loving Muse, she, for Matthew and the music, me just his huge talent on composing. I'm sure we'll like Doctor Who too, if it's full of british humor, that's sure.

Maybe, I'm too predictable, or have a very deep catholic feeling (That's not the reason compared to you American, I'm far less catholic devout, it's cultural, here, I've been educated that way, I try to improve however) but I stopped looking with envy (can I say that?) at other men since I met my husband. I have well enough with him, with his good sides (he get many more than me) and his bad sides (he is convinced he doesn't get any bad side?! Fortunately, he met me so, I'm here to show him!). I wouldn't like to begin again with any man even by thought!