Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cute Catholic mom's inspirational weight loss story.

I love Jill's story because, though she may have started at a higher weight than I did, her issues were the same as mine...sick of looking crappy in clothes, sick of being exhausted, sick of mindlessly eating off the kids' plates or while watching TV. And I love, at the end, how she says she loves to run.  Plus, I started on a Wednesday too...and not even on a day that's easy to remember like the 1st or 15th, but the 16th. I just woke up 2 weeks shy of 42 and thought, "I'm done with who I have become because it's not me." 

 I swear it is God's grace that gives me the strength and determination to continue to get healthy. I couldn't do it any other time because I didn't want it for me.  A perfect example is, about 4 years ago, when Robert lost 55 pounds, I lost 20lbs along with him.  However, he figured a way to maintain and I just went right back to the way I had been, thinking that my 'diet' was over. I had to get to a place where I realized I couldn't just 'go on a diet' but I had to fundamentally change my life. It has not been easy, but it's been worth every difficult moment.

Also, I have to say, that 4 years ago I lost the weight following a low carb diet aka Atkins/Protein Power/Sugar Busters.  They don't work long term because eventually your cravings spiral out of control because people can't live on meat and salad. They go frickin bonkers! I'm Catholic and I find it highly interesting that God comes to me via BREAD & WINE (OMG! God comes to us using the form of carbohydrates) I think that is kind of cool since carbs are the energy givers and the Eucharist most definitely gives me a shot of spiritual energy (aka: grace). Jesus doesn't come as a STEAK or TURNIP.

Anyway, this time nothing has been off limits. Nothing. This time it's been about calorie and portion control. It is an illusion and dangerous to think one can cut out one of the 3 macro nutrients and think they'll be healthy. The only reason low-carb or non- fat works in the beginning is because if you analyze the caloric intake of said diets the calories are always low. I think this is really about not being a glutton. (This is coming from a glutton, so I should know).  Eating meat, butter, cream non-stop is gonna kill you. Not eating any fat or such low levels of fat is going to kill you too (one needs fish, avocados, and even some butter on occasion). Overdoing sugar or protein...same thing (have a hey day killing your kidneys and pancreas). There is a reason for the word: MODERATION. I am finally, FINALLY getting that message through my thick skull. And you know works!

P.S. The reason I am up so late blogging is because I had a regular coffee at 9:30 tonight on my date night with Robert. He said I would have a good (wink) reason to stay awake. Well, he was right!! And let me tell you *that* is a whole lot more fun, too, when you are thinner. :-) So, between the coffee and my late nite Hunny fun...well....I am wired.



Robert said...

If you hope for another date, get that eye twitch looked after...sheesh.

Rachel said...

Fine! I cleaned it up a bit...(muttering under my breath, "He should be grateful I bragged.")

Rob said...

LOL - Have some more coffee, that will help the twitch.

Congrats on the weight-loss...keep on trucking

Leonie said...

Nice story - and I'm with you - its all about portion control. I'm lerning maintenance now...