Thursday, July 3, 2008

Harshing My Bliss

Okay I am back to whining. I am so frickin' pissed at this hive situation. Now I am getting them in my sleep...even if I nap. What!?! Am I not supposed to get too warm in my comfy bed now?! WTF!?! Here I am trying to change my life for the better. I am making better food choices, I am getting my butt to workout, and I *WAS* really enjoying it! Now I have hit a brick better yet...a big hivy, itchy, hot WALL! This is complete CRAP!

God, what is up? That's not a rhetorical statement, really God, what is up? I got Ben screaming down my neck to make him happy and find him something to do and I thought You helped me to find this place that I *was* in to help me through all this crap. Walking outside got me alone, in nature, with You. We even had some very nice conversations...or so I thought. Summer sucks for me, You know that, and walking and working out were really helping. Please make this go away. Don't let me be stuck here with no where to go when I need to have somewhere to go. I get the whole suffering thing. If I am not suffering due to Ben's issues, then I am suffering with some itchy allergic mess. I have offered this stuff to you, but I don't get it. Why cut me off at every pass? What do you want?
Oh, and lest I sound too ungrateful thank you for central air conditioning and benadryl. ~Amen~

Crankily yours,

In these pictures you can see a distinct redness in my face as opposed to my neck. What seems like acne on my face are hives that are what are called wheals (or welts) from bigger clusters of hives.  The worse thing, like anything could be worse than the maddening itch, is how flipping hot my face gets when the hives start. All I can do is hold a washcloth filled with ice against my face. It totally sucks.


Sara said...

Owww. Sorry, Rach. I can understand your frustration. Hang in there!

Cindy said...

Oh, Rachel.... that looks so painful-- I wonder what is causing it? I have eczema flare on my hands and feet and KNOW that really hot burn/itch you are talking about. It is like it is under the skin and on fire.. but to have it on your face must be really bad.

Have you found any triggers? I know you have been dealing with this for a while. I have found wheat to be a culprit.

Praying for you! Cindy

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

Oh horrible. So sorry, you are now in my prayers...
Man I hope this clears up for you soon!