Friday, July 4, 2008

A sliver lining and A Happy Birthday

Well, I haven't been able to exercise like I used to. I am still getting it in, just not everyday like I had been doing. So, I get up and weigh myself. Yes, Friday is my weigh-in day. And I am pleased as punch to announce (even though there are still hives on my face...just milder) that I have now past my halfway mark. I have lost 17.5 pounds and now have 15.5 left to lose. I am itchy, but grateful. So, I guess it's true that in every dark cloud there is a silver lining.

So, Thanks Big Guy, for pulling me through one ordeal while allowing me to go through another. I am very psyched about this. And thank You for my amazing, beautiful, wonderful, free country. I am truly thankful to be an American.

Happy Birthday sweet land that I love!


Rob said...

Sweet job on the weight-loss. glad the hives are getting smaller and Rob can keep his Rep up.

just what in the heck is 'please as punch' supposed to mean. is punch happy?

Rachel said...

I have been watching a lot of British tv and movies lately. I love British expressions of joy:

1) Pleased as punch
2) the Bees Knees
3) Easy peasy, lemon squeezy

I could go on and on but I won't. However, I have never stopped to think if punch was happy or not...tho' it must be.

Uh oh....I here the Ben-da-volano is about to blow. I better go help with the rescue efforts.