Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What I have learned from losing weight

Okay, so last month I wrote that I had joined Weight Watchers for IRL support for my last 10 pounds to lose. Weight Watchers is a great program, but I have learned that I really am better at losing weight on my own. The upshot is I am not out any kind of registration fee because if you buy a monthly pass it covers WW online and meetings and is the cheapest option to do WW. So, as much as I truly enjoyed the last 4 weeks of meetings, I am cancelling my WW membership because everything I am hearing is stuff I already know. Also, I had been following alot of WW 'good health' guidelines but calorie counting in lieu of Points counting. I know some folks LOVE WW Flexpoints. However, I DO NOT. I like counting plain old calories. It is just easier. I already purposefully eat high fiber and low fat and I don't need the Flexpoints to steer me toward better food options (which is what they are meant to do and is a very good thing). So, if any of you out there are not interested in joining any weight loss program I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SPARKPEOPLE! I can tell you, in all honesty, that after having full access to Weight Watchers Online (you get partial access to the site if you are not a WW member) Sparkpeople's website completely smokes all others out there...even the one's you would pay for. The information, food and exercise tracking, goal planning and support are unparalleled. Please, if you want to lose weight or just get healthier do not hesitate to set up a free account at Sparkpeople. But, if you do, tell them Rachel429 sent ya...I'm after a free Sparkpeople T-shirt. ;-) BTW, with Sparkpeople I have now lost 24.5 pounds. It has been very hard work, but man I am so psyched to see all that work paying off.

Gotta go to bed. My next post will most likely be about Ben's first week at his new private school. So far so good, but I shall report on Friday.



Leonie said...

So glad to see you found what work for you - I know I am a do it yourselfer!

Sara said...

I can't believe I haven't seen you all summer to see your progress!

I nominated you for an award! :-)

wms said...

I wanted to join Weight WAtchers Online, but got annoyed when I discovered that they charge Canadians way more than Americans. I wrote to them, but they don't seem willing to address the problem.

So I checked out SparkPeople after seeing your posting. It looks great!