Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Full blown Radical Unschooling

Suffice it to say, due to the nature of my cyclic downturn, Tumnal and I are just hanging...watching movies and I am reading Henry and Mudge to her. I am going to take her on a bunch of field trips...assuming I can find gas...and just get us out. The other pressure I was dealing with was my anxiety over her lack of reading. She can read...slowly. I can read and comprehend at the speed of light, so this drives me nuts. I used to be so trusing of kids' ability to learn. I did it fairly effortlessly with Andrew. Ben screwed me though, because he learns sooooo dfferently because he thinks sooooo differently. Anyway, I told Robert she has to go to a real school because I am not a 'homeschool teacher' and it's killing me to try and be that. We either trust her and keep her home or we don't and send her to school, but I am not going to fight for what I believe(d) in because I don't kow what that is anymore. I compare myself to so many other moms their kids and families and I feel like such a failure. I am trying to get my head around the fact that *I* am not like other moms and my family is not like other families. We have to do what works for us and keeps the peace, or I could very easily go AWOL.


Valerie said...

Hello Rachel

This is a voice from your past. I was very happy to see you re-subscribing to RUL today, since we're both charter members. I'll hopefully chat with you more later. Right now I'm on mom-duty (like we're ever not?) and on a deadline. Just wanted to say, and for you to really believe, that it's okay that Autumn isn't reading well yet. Linnea and Diana both didn't really start reading until age TEN. And Diana still isn't an accomplished reader at 10-1/2 but one smart cookie regardless. I know--reading is cool, it opens doors to new worlds, but really...it's just one thing. And it will happen, she will read *in her own time*.

Okay, Diana claims there's too much food to choose from for lunch (I know--what a problem) so I'd better "help".


Leonie said...

I really think that everyone learns differently - and I run a Kumon centre and see many kids who go to school who don't read or read fast or well or often. So, we both know that school is not necessarily the answer to a reading issue, I guess.

And unshooling looks different in every family. I think just spending time together makes a big difference .

Am re-reading the book And the Chiuldren Played by Patricia Joudry right now - pioneer unschooling where the girls, literally, just played. And yet grew up, learned to read, went on to other occupations or study.

In our hang out, radical unshooling times, I tend to read more about RU online or in books - Parenting A Free Child by Rue Kream is another good one. Makes me feel connected again, with my educational philosophy!lol!

molly said...

Rachel, I so identify. I have a VERY slow reader, I am like you, I love to read and I fly through books. Helping my non (slow) reader is so PAINFUL. I have taken to staring at a picture of MAry just to get through it.
Just be right now, you have so much on your plate, I KNOW Our Mother is guiding you with this unschooling time.
You continue in my offerings.