Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin is an awesome mom!

So, Sarah and Todd Palin's 17 year old daughter, Bristol, is pregnant and they will be grandparents soon. How cool is that? Pretty cool. Sarah Palin is 44. When I was 22, I became pregnant out of wedlock, and when my son, Andrew, was born my mom and dad were 43 and 44 respectively. Young grandparents are cool grandparents. I say kudos to Bristol Palin for being in love with the father of her child and planning to marry him. I couldn't even claim that respectability over my pregnancy. Unfortunately, it was too much wine, a beach and a cute coworker. He was cute, but, in the end, he was an asshole! He was Catholic and he and his mom came and asked me to "get rid of it". Hmmm, Andrew has ALWAYS been Andrew, never an it. I wasn't Catholic then, needless to say, it put a bad taste in my mouth for Catholicism for a long time afterward.

I applaud the Palins' dedication to the Pro Life cause and the fact that they are a Christian, loving and imperfect (aren't we all) family that sticks by their convictions, stand by each other and makes the right this case....the choice for life. I think it is wonderful that before us, during this campaign, one of the candidates daughters is underage and pregnant. Now with clarity we can see the huge divide between the Liberal and Conservative candidates. On one side of the aisle is a candidate who sees her daughter's pregnancy as a blessing. The other candidate has said that abortion should always be available because he wouldn't want one of his daughters being punished by an unplanned baby.

God Bless the Palins!



Robert said...


You mean I wasn't the first?

...And you wore white and everything.

You Hussy!!

Rachel said...

Let us not get into this discussion Mister!! You wouldn't have been able to wear white either! BTW, I wore cream! ;-)


Wendy said...

AMEN sistah!

Wendy@Well-Mannered Frivolity

Rhett said...

Robert....sorry to say you weren't the first a**hole....that is what we are talking about? Isn't it? I was quite displeased with the coverage by CNN of the RNC. So much focus on the pregnancy story. I thought there was a campaign being run....Wolf Blitzkrieg should be ashamed of himself. I am almost glad that there were interruptions of a hurricane, otherwise we would have been subjected to 12 more hours of commentary on Bristol and her new baby.

laughin said...

I am glad it is being handled well and not swept under the rug.

Rob said...

hahaha - i thought i was the only one that still used the word Hussy.
Must be a Robert thing

Catherine said...

Great post, Rachel!
The Story of Bristol crossed the Atlantic! Can you imagine! Sincerely, what do we, French people have to do with Sarah Palin's daughter pregnancy? That's a family affair, not a political debate.
I respect her choice, yours, I would have done the same, but that's a personal decision.
If I had had to vote when media tried to depreciate S.Palin, I would have done exactly the opposite and vote for her and her party.

Hey! I wore cream too! And do not regret any of my choices before and after my marriage. That's just me.