Saturday, September 13, 2008

So close to goal...I can't believe I have almost done it.

It has been almost 5 months (it will be on Sept 16th) and I have lost over 30 pounds. I am a little over 2 pounds from my goal. I am really excited. It has been alot of hard work and will remain so...I am certain. I think maintenance will be a bit easier, but I will always have to watch what I eat and make sure I don't get lazy, but continue to remain active. I suck horribly at follow through yet, by the grace of God, I have finally followed through on something. And it was something that I didn't realize was so important to me until I started really working hard for it. 

I am elated, to say the least,...tho Robert is less so because now I have a new found interest in clothes. :-)



Alice Gunther said...

You look absolutely beautiful!!!

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

Well you look fab! congrats you are doing great. what an inspiration to us all

Robert said...

After all that work, I really think you should eschew clothes altogether.

It will save us money and raise general morale. Win / Win, I say.

Rob said...

Congrats! May i suggest a Big Mac, Fries and Shake to celebrate.

And Robert if the clothes-less suggestion works, let me know how to pull it off with my wife, thanks.

Catherine said...

Great job, Rachel!I'm really impressed by your tenacity. You look fabulous!