Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hair Horror Stories

Okay, I only have 2 real stories. The first is when my mom's sisters would take me every Summer (in Southampton, NY) to get my hair cut (OFF) because they thought I was sooooo cute with short hair. Well, that all came to a screeching halt the Summer I was 12 and after getting my hair cut (OFF) my dad took me for ice cream and the guy behind the counter said, "And what does your son want?" I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE SON!!! I was a late developer okay!!! As you can see in the pic below (at 13 years old), I would have been a very pretty boy.
Proof that I have always had the same haircut (except for the shearing my aunts did to me) behold my baby bob below:

Oh, I almost forgot the 2nd horror story. I had had my hair highlighted. It looked really great. So, when it was time to get it redone I went and my stylist was gone. So, they stuck me with a new guy who left it on too long and the top layer of my head was blonde and underneath was brown...lovely!  That was about 7 years ago...never had my hair highlighted since.



Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

wow andrew looks ALOT like you with your boy cut..... Its not horrible....quite the rage back in the late 70s/early 80s before hair got huge.

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

I forgot to add......nice you a little chianti with your cake in the older pic..... YOu were a very cute kid.

Kathleen said...

Love the shag cut, you were adorable! I had that SAME cut in 6th grade, but I have some curl so it flipped all over.

I remember the highlights...

Sara said...

Kathleen, shut up about your curls!

I think your pic looks a lot like Andrew, too. You were a beautiful boy and a beautiful girl, too!

laughin said...

I remember having short hair in first grade and having some kid tell me I can't go in the girls' bathroom because I was a boy!

I had long blonde hair, but my mom cut it because I would scream and yell when they brushed it.

Not that I am still bitter 30 years later.

Rob said...

I don't think you look very boyish in that picture. if you were a boy and looked that pretty you would probably have gotten your @ss kicked a lot.

btw - Got the new Cure album yesterday. Loving it. I know it’s heresy to you, but I like it a lot better than the new Coldplay. Of course I’ve been queer for The Cure since ‘83

Rachel said...


I LOVE The Cure...LOVE THEM! So, it is not heresy. However, the new Coldplay album IS! I was actually thinking about it today. I HATE IT!
And I am so bummed because Chris Martin and the boys can do ALOT better than this frickin new cd piece of crap. The only songs I like on it are Lost, Violet Hill and Viva La Vida. I am sooooo disappointed in them. However, Robert Smith still has "it" lipstick, eyeliner, crazy hair and all!

Andy and I watched a concert of theirs in Charlotte, Va on HDTV just a couple of nights ago.

My favorite Cure song is Primary. It has a totally sweet bass line.

My fave bands in the 80's were:

The Police (my bedroom was wallpapered with them)
New Order
Duran Duran (the bass player was HOT!)