Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom.

If my sweet mom were alive, today would be her birthday, and she would be 62. Yup, she was a young mom, because I am 42. Do you know how cool it was growing up with someone who was 19 and half years older than you?  It was very cool. My dad is going to be 63 the day after Christmas. I loved having young parents.  My mom was my age when I had Andrew. I am so glad he had almost 11 years with her. They totally adored one another and he looks so much like her it is amazing.

And, per my tradition, which I started on Nov. 1st the year after Mom died, I have started decorating inside the house for Christmas, in memory of how much Mom loved Christmas. She really loved Jesus so I imagine she is pretty happy getting to be with Him all the time now.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, my sweet Mom!

Love always!
Your Rachie

Happy All Saints Day everyone!

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