Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At long last she returns!

Hi all my buddies out there. I have been very lengthily distracted by finding old friends on Facebook. It has been SOOOOO COOL getting back in touch with all the people I have come across. It has been really interesting how re-connecting with certain people can give one a new perspective on how things really were all those years ago, or even how we were all thinking similar or vastly different things. 

The other big thing I noticed was how my memories of the past came sliding in to focus like an avalanche. All of a sudden people from other times and places came charging into my head and I felt I just HAD to track them down too. It made me realize how the different paths in our lives take us in such divergent directions, but all the while we never intended to lose touch, yet somehow did. 

Oops, I gotta go pick up Ben. But I wanted to encourage any of my friends out here in blogland or yahoogroups to get on Facebook. It is sooo fun putting a name to a face. 

Gotta run!