Thursday, May 9, 2013

Doubting Catholicism

I don't think I can remain Catholic anymore. I am having a really hard time reconciling the Bible and early Christian history with what has been the Roman Catholic church for the last 1500 years. I have been reading like a mad woman and am hoping God will show me what I need to know. There are so many Catholic theologians who do not agree with each other on so much, and the papacy has a helluva history for screwing things up. Sure good things have been done too. But what I see is a huge disconnect with the majority of the laity (in the West...Europe, US, Canada) and the hierarchy.

There is also the development of dogma which has been more than questionable...Mary's immaculate conception and the Assumption of Mary. Also JP II encyclical referring to Mary as co-redeemer. Ummm, I don't think so. I tried to ignore that stuff, after my conversion to Catholicism, but it's hard to ignore when I am told that by missing a Marian Holy Day I am committing a mortal sin and will go to Hell unless I confess it. Really? I mean REALLY? I have a really hard time believing that when I read the New Testament.

Anyway, that is where things stand for me. I don't hold any malice toward any Catholics personally. Most of my friends are Catholic and I love them to bits. I just have issues with the Catholicism. And I'd rather not be a dissident Catholic inside the church, but a happy Christian outside.