Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Always behind

You know, you'd think I would have all this down by now. I am, afterall, 41 years old. But NO! I am sitting here posting on my blog about what a procrastinator I am. I have to be at a different parish than mine in 30 minutes with a 2 hour lesson, with crafts, on Reptiles. I live with an amateur herpetologist (our 17 year old, Andrew). He's the one who unschooled himself in all things REPTILE by watching hours of Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. Did I ask him? No. Anyway, I'm praying this morning goes well. Why oh why did I the non-lesson-planner-shoot-from-the-hip-kinda-gal agree to do this! Grrrrr!

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Leonie said...

Hope all goes well! Let us know.