Monday, October 8, 2007

It was 7 years ago today...

... that my amazing, wonderful, funny, loving, caring, smart mom passed into the arms of Jesus. It was just weeks before she would turn 54 on November 1st 2000. In the picture above, we are at Autumn's Baptism (this was prior to my becoming Catholic, so it took place in my Presbyterian church) it was on Mother's Day, May 14th 2000. Thank God, it was a wonderful Mother's Day and we all had such a great time together. Because, just a few days later, Mom would find out she had cancer. And 5 short months later she would be gone.

From left to right is Ben, my Mom, Autumn, my Dad, Andrew in front, and me. Robert was taking the picture.

I have no idea if Mom's stint in purgatory was short or nonexistent, but I believe she is with her Lord. Mom wasn't Catholic. At the time of her passing, neither was I. However, the whole family was devout Evangelical Christians. And, yes, at the time I believed in the "Assurance of Salvation"; but I know believing in it doesn't make it so. However, Mom suffered so horribly the 5 months between her diagnosis of cancer and her death that I think she may have zipped right through her purgatorial fire. During those 5 horrible months Mom had quite the firey gauntlet to run in order to get to Christ's arms. She did love him so much.

Mom didn't know about Redemptive suffering. However, her suffering sure redeemed me. I was alread a Christian, but seeing her faith in Jesus through her final months, only made me realize the truth of the God I serve. (Granted I was really mad at Him for a while after Mom went to Him, so I gave Him up that Lent ...and I didn't even celebrate Lent.)

Anyway, I believe it was my Mom's prayers from Heaven that brought me to the Catholic Church. I was raised in churches that believed the Catholic Church is a cult. I would never have thought to step foot in one had I not been nudged. And just like Mary leads us to her mother always lead me to Jesus (because we didn't know we had Mary). So, after death, in her Heavenly life, my mom realized that she needed me to know the full Christian truth of Catholicism. So, out of nowhere I felt this need to go to a Mass...the rest is history.

Thank you, Mom, for the greatest gift you have given me, beside my life, my faith. I love you and I miss you so much.

Your Rachie

Mom's final resting spot in the mountains of North Georgia where she loved to visit.


Marie said...

What a beautiful tribute.

Leonie said...

It sounds like your mother was a wonderful woman - and it was interesting to read about your conversion....