Friday, February 27, 2009

The nails continue to be driven into the coffin

More on Maciel and if the LC/RC charism can really still be valid. The following was taking from this article. Below is an excerpt using not only Maciel's own words but a passage from the Gospel that LC used to use to defend Maciel and now seems to do nothing but damn him. Folks, this is looking worse with every passing second. 

But consider these passages from volumes called Envoy, which publish selections of Maciel’s letters recommended as spiritual reading to Legionaries and Regnum Christi members. They demonstrate the problem the Legionaries will have in keeping them as part of their spirituality. 

Purity of heart… is so foreign to the licentiousness and cult of sex all around us that it shows clearly you are committed to follow Christ… a great measure of your apostolic fruitfulness depends on it, since to a great degree our possession of God depends on this virtue. (Vitoria 13 August 1959) 

We should never lie for any reason whatsoever. It is a mortal sin when God is greatly offended by causing damage against religion, the Church or Authority, or when the name and good reputation of other people is considerably damaged… “Lips that lie are abhorrent to Yahweh” (Proverbs 12:22). (Bermuda 23 February 1962) 

If you want to convince others of the value of a certain lifestyle, you will attain little or nothing if you yourself do not demonstrate your personal convictions by your actions. Such is the wisdom of the popular refrain, “Actions speak louder than words.” (Rome 1 November 1991) 

These are passages of Maciel that cannot now be read with a straight face let alone serve as spiritual nourishment. Will Legionary novices, as they have in the past, continue to learn the charism from daily study of the many volumes of Cartas de Nuestro Padre? (Can they still call him “Nuestro Padre”?) Can we learn from a hypocrite to hate hypocrisy? By his own words, his impurity, lying, and hypocrisy rendered Maciel’s ministry fruitless and abhorrent to God. His own words refute the Legionary claim to recognize the good that can come even from a flawed instrument.. And if we must discard some of Maciel’s writings because they have become inconvenient, what is the criterion for choosing and keeping any of them? 

Maciel’s defenders always cited Matthew 7.20. Father Kearns wrote in 2006 after the discipline: “Vindication has always come, because the Judge's instructions to the jury have always been the same: By their fruits you will know them.” Father Neuhaus had based his “moral certitude” of knowing Maciel’s innocence by the fruits of his professed orthodoxy and the Legion’s impressive vocational statistics. But the argument was always circular: it excluded a priori from consideration those who were damaged by their experience of the Legion and Regnum Christi and became critics, including those who lost their faith or nearly did because in the name of Christ they had been manipulated and lied to. The accusers were always themselves fruits of the tree, even though they were not believed.

Now that they, not Maciel, have been vindicated, Matthew 7.18 comes into focus: A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. As Legionaries confront their past and face their future, it will not be easy for them to account for these words of the Lord. 

... honesty would make a healthier attitude for Legionaries to adopt than Father Corcuera’s “regarding the person of our Father Founder, I cannot but recognize all the good I received through him.” If Legionaries continue to claim publicly that a sexual predator and liar led them to faith and vocation, we must wonder how authentically Catholic and Christian that faith and vocation ever was. Is their Jesus our Jesus? 

EXLC Priest's blog, Third Journey

The audacity of the Legion. I had an actual member of RC tell me that she wasn't going to talk about what Maciel did because that was a sin. HUH? Whah?

If you are in LC or RC,  I have three words to say to you:  


Bill said...

I believe the LC and RC need major reforming but at the same time I do not believe you throw the baby out with the bathwater. I know our local RC members are not caught up in the cult of Maciel and I never felt pushed into that. I am only in a year but the fruit and lives changed within our families and friends have been very inspiring. God bless..we home school as well and I enjoy your unschool discussions and allowing the kids to be kids and not always getting together for an "event".

Rachel said...

Bill, thanks for your note. I know that there are MANY, MANY good people in both LC/RC. One of my closest friends, who I completely love and adore, is a new member of RC. Funny, I said not to throw the baby out with the bathwater several posts ago re: Maciel. However, as more and more is uncovered what is starting to emerge is that LC only felt the need to finally 'fess up' when there was no way to hide anymore. This stuff could have been brought to light back when JPII was still around, and then maybe his name wouldn't have been sullied either. Poor JPII has now been shown to have been played like a fool by Maciel and it just rips my heart out. God Bless you too and my best to you as you travel through this very thorny brambly road. My hope is that it turns into a lovely path very soon.

GregK said...

You're certainly right that all Maciel's words and acts will now be interpreted in a completely new light.

I could never read him with a straight face even before the sex abuse crisis thing surfaced. "Christ is My Life" seemed so transparently phoney. It seemed to me like an egomaniac trying to make himself out to be a saint -- "having a form of godliness but [not knowing] its power," to borrow from St. Paul.