Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When I counted up my demons,

Saw there was one for everyday,
With the good ones on my shoulder,
I drove the other ones away.

I have decided to use my blog more as a way of working stuff out rather than journal events (at least for a little while). I have worked so hard to suppress the unschooler in me, mostly to make others happy, that I have never just put down on paper why I feel the way I do. In other words, it's time to drive the demons away.

So, this whole blog thing was started as a way for my kids to see what was in their mom's head, I can't think of a better use than for me to try and say what it is I believe regarding learning.

So kids, I hope you find this illuminating because this is the stuff I have and will continue to grapple with as long as you are living under my roof (and will probably obsess about after you're out on you own). Just know that I love you all and always tried to do what I thought was best.

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