Saturday, September 22, 2007

What am I doing up?

Okay, so it's 2:30am EST and I have to be up by 7:15am. Andy has a Fencing tournament tomorrow. Now that he is CAPTAIN (feel the maternal pride swelling?) I gotta make sure I get him there on time.

BTW, my little Andy will be toast in the morning. He just has the peak experience of his 17 years, on this planet, and it was seeing in concert, and then MEETING, his favorite band: Interpol.

I was so excited for him when he got home and showed me the CD with all their signatures. He talked to Sam Fogarino a bit, their drummer, and got a pic with him. Now all I have to do is get him to meet Stewart Copeland and his drummer mentor list would be complete.

When I got home tonite from all my chauffeuring kids and participating in said kids' activities, I read a little Spiderwyck to Autumn and zonked out. Then, about 2 hours later (11:30pm ish) I woke if from a nap. Now I am WIDE AWAKE!! I gotta get up in 4.5 hours. I am so glad it is a Saturday coz I will be taking a nap at somepoint.

Since I was awake I finished Homeschooling With Gentleness; A Catholic Discovers Unschooling by Suzie Andres. WOW!!!! I LOVED IT!!! I am a John Holt fan from way back, and nothing she said about "unschooling" was new to me, but to put it in a Catholic context was simply wonderful. I have to thank my friend, Sara, for suggesting to me that I reread it (as she recently did) so that she could talk about it with someone. Of course, Sara, was just doing God's will, unbeknownst to her very sweet self. Because I had gotten myself into, YET AGAIN, a situation that was destined to blow up in my face was only a matter of when. I had signed Autumn up to try a virtual academy that uses K12. OY VAY! It was really cool, but oh so structured and oh so not what Autumn is into. God needed to remind me that I need to trust my children to learn because that is the way He created human beings to be....and by not trusting them, I am not trusting God. Again me and my lack of trust.

Not to lay this at my Sweetheart's feet, but there are so many times I think that I would have been happily unschooling all along, this whole time, had he just trusted the process too...had he just backed me up and supported me, instead of second guessing me so often. Admittedly, the biggest reason I have for jumping on the curriculum train is that he wants to see results. (Thanks Marine Corp Dad-in-Law!!!). Anyway, EVERY SINGLE TIME I spend dedicated time in prayer (alone and before the Blessed Sacrament) God calls me back to unschooling-Catholic-style. What I find hysterically ironic is that here I am wondering why it's taking my 2 youngest kids longer to read than their brother...or many other kids their age, when it has taken God over TEN YEARS to get it through my thick skull that he wants me to Trust Him that He created my children to learn....and they will do so when they are ready...not necessarily when I am ready. God has been waiting, quite lovingly and patiently, for me to learn this lesson. Why I am not giving my kids that same grace.

Dear God, Help me to trust in You. Help me to trust in the abilities that You have given my children. Remind me that what my children need to learn and know more than anything else in the world is that Jesus is the Truth, the Way, and the Life and that no one comes to You but by Him; and that there is nothing better than to love, and be loved by, You. In Jesus' name, Amen

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Leonie said...

I always get drawn back to unschooling, too!