Monday, November 24, 2008

Remember the 80's?

This is me when I was in New York testing for a big deal modeling agency. I am 16 and it is 1982. Check out the New Wave hair!!
This is during the same time, different shoot, different day, different photographer (actually it was the guy who shot the Cosmopolitan covers at the time). Anyone else remember those Norma Kamali bathing suits?


Goreapollosa said...

Stumbled onto your blog and have had some really good laughs. I am going to post some "hot" pictures of me too. At 46---post 5 births and a million other things that ravaged my body (chocolate, gravy, etc) I need to be reminded of my prebirth self. I am to a lover of Twilight (due to me 21 year old daughter). Please visit my site as I am a new blogger and never get comments.

Wendy said...

You were a total hottie! Actually you are still a hottie.
To bad Edward Cullen didn't meet you in the eighties. You would have totally been his Bella.


Leonie said...

Love that hair!

Catherine said...

1982, I was 17. Not that kind of hair, neither that bathing suits. I was a teenager with a little girl mind!! So far from now!

Rachel said...


I was actually quite the innocent. I only looked guilty...something all the modeling agents and photographers loved...and still do.