Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3 very COOL birthday presents!

#1-The 1st Series (Season in the U.S.) of Dr. Who with the 9th Doctor: Christopher Eccelston.  He is not David Tennant but he is still great.  I only saw one or two of the shows when he was The Doctor .  Now that I have the only year he was the Doctor,  I am really enjoying his version of the Doctor, as well. (David Tennant still owns my 'Dr. Who heart' though. (For Christmas I got my Hunny the 2nd and 3rd Series of Dr. Who. So we have them all...though the 4th year is on Sci Fi right now....and we are all LOVIN' IT!!!)

#2-And since we are speaking of the Doctor, I got this super cool mug, with one of my favorite pics of the 10th Doctor, adorable David Tennant, standing outside of the TARDIS. Here is a picture of it this morning, still with my java inside.

#3-Saving the best for last...I GOT THE MUSE DVD/CD!!!! It is sooooooo good! They are so flippin' awesome! I have only watched a bit of it though, because Andrew wants to watch the whole thing with me, and he was doing homework last night. 

Even though I would have preferred to be turning 24 instead of 42, I still had a great day. It was unseasonably cold (which I love) so thank you, God!! Then I spent the late afternoon with my good friend Sara, the kids played happily with her kids as they just got a Wii. Around 6ish we went home, and I had a great time with my family, as we just hung out, ordered Vietnamese take-out, and watched American Idol. Adding in my perfect gifts, it was a wonderful day.


Wendy said...

Happy belated birthday.

Judging by the pictures you've posted you look closer to 24 than 42.


ssasa said...

How about an onomatopoeic book? "The great horse ride" from could be not only the most stupid book in the world, but also the most funniest. Give it a try!