Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Andy's got a brand new (used) car!!

Since Andrew has the Hope Scholarship which will pay his full tuition to Georgia State University, where he will be going in the Fall, Robert and I decided we would surprise Andrew with a car. He will be living at home, at least for his first semester, and he's going to need a car. So, we looked and looked for months to find the right car, which we decided would be a Volvo V70 year 2000/2001, at the right price (under 7K)...and we found! It's a great car for safety, it's not meant to be super fast (so hitting the gas doesn't make it speed away), and it can fit his drumkit in it. Plus, if the kid is ever homeless (God forbid!) he can sleep in it! LOL

The guy from the dealership brought the car out to our house and it exceeded expectations. It had one owner who took spectacular care of it. It drives like a dream. I paid for it and parked it in my neighbors house. Then I went to get Andrew at school, as he was finishing editing some footage for his High School video yearbook. I kept him out doing errands while Robert got home. Then Andy and I came home, and while he put the groceries away with me, Robert pulled the car into the driveway. Then I Robert came in and was talking about how it's a good thing Andrew will be getting the Hope Scholarship because it's worth more than a car. I said I had to run outside for something I left in the car and took the camera with me.

In a few minutes out came Andrew an upon his face grew the biggest smile. You see, he had NO IDEA!! It's great to surprise Andrew because the kid rarely expects things. He is a really grateful person who is really happy with what he has. He was feeling very loved...and we were really happy for him. He is a fantastic kid, not because of grades or accomplishments, but because he is a really good hearted, generous, grateful, caring, loving person. We are blessed to be in a position to be able to do this for him and so happy that we could do it.

School is out in 3 weeks so Andrew really needs to have a job by then.  We may have bought it as a Graduation gift but he's gotta pay for the insurance, gas etc.  Still, he is completely thrilled. All in all, another very cool day!


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Kathleen said...

Yea Andy!
Though Claire was commenting that now adays, she would rather buy the car and have mom and dad pay for the gas -- :)

Your birthday present has been sitting on my counter. Did you get my song? Happy b'day again. I'll bring it tomorrow.