Friday, February 16, 2007

Ahh, the weekend & What is it with kids?

Aren't Friday afternoons just fabulous? Especially when you are staring down a 3 DAY weekend. Woo Hoo! There is so much promise of relaxation and friendly get togethers, time alone at the computer (a Mom can dream, can't she?) and sleeping in. I love sleeping in. It's been really cold the last couple of weeks and there is nothing like snuggling in bed beneath toasty warm flannel sheets and a thick heavy comforter. I think that is probably my favorite place to be in the world...Yup! A warm bed on a cold day. Nothin' beats it.
My kids better let me stay there tomorrow morning!!

Now, on to those darn kids. I couldn't love them anymore than I already do, but is it me or is it the kids these days who seem to need to be entertained 24/7? And not by just TV or Movies, but by other people? I played happily, blissfully on my own as a kid. It was my preference, and am not an only child. Sure I wanted to play with friends now and again. I am a very social person. I love people...LOVE THEM. However, I LOVE being alone too. I can figure out a thousand different things to do on my own. There is no boredome with me. So, I go completely nuts when my kids, especially the younger two, start complaining about being bored. Now, I know they are not reading yet, Ben because of his multiple LDs and Autumn just because she is a typical 1st grade reader, but that is not the problem. I love reading to them. However, I am 40 so reading out loud (or silently) puts me in a coma everytime. I usually last 30 minutes then I'm gone.

C'mon though, how many moms out there are playing with their kids for a large part of the day? I bet there aren't a lot. Why, then, do I feel so darned guilty about it? Is it that kids are so sheltered theses days that if there aren't friends in their neighborhood that they turn to mom and dad? I am not against playing with my kids. I have done it plenty. But jeez enough already. I am just afraid that if I give in to this constant need for entertainment that they will grow up unable to entertain themselves. Or worse yet, they will never let themselves be in the silence of what some would call boredom, but a great many others would see as an opportunity for self-assessment and prayer.

Gotta go, friends comin' over for pizza...ahh Friday nites!

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