Saturday, February 10, 2007

I could stay here all night

Okay, I have just realized that this will be more fun than I thought.

Tonite was a nice night. A long overdue night of mommy-alone-time. Robert and Autumn went to a Daddy-Daughter Hoedown put on by our Catholic Homeschool group. They looked adorable when they left and the Girlie was so excited to be going to a dance with her daddy. Andy went to a friend's party which turned out to be a sleep-over, and Ben, who is sick, sacked out early. So, I got to watch "In Her Shoes" on TV (free On Demand) . I was excited to sit and watch a chick-flick on my own!! Especially since I had just finished the book. I really love Jennifer Weiner's books. I know I am slow on the uptake here, as her books have been out a few years, but I am now reading "Little Earthquakes".

Well, Daddy and Girlie got home after a fabulous night of square dancing and Autumn even got a beautiful letter from her dad, at the dance, which she had me reread to her when she got home.
All in all it was a fun night...and best of all...I started this blog.


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