Friday, February 9, 2007

What have I gotten myself into?

I have named this blog of mine after something my fabulous (late) mom used to say to me, "Rachel, you are NEVER at a loss for words!" Sometimes it was said in a not so positive I also had to have the "Last Word" too. Often, though, it was said because my mom liked what I had to say...or, at least, liked hearing what I had to say.

I miss talking with my mom so much. She was the best mom and friend ever. I love talking, but writing is a different story. Never did like writing...never kept a journal...didn't even caption or catalog pictures. However, a great friend of mine, Sara, just started blogging and said she was doing it mostly as a way for her kids to get to know what she was like when they are older. I thought that was such a cool idea that I had to copy her.

I'm sure as I blog along, I will work things out for myself as I write. Somethings will be written because I believe I know what I am talking about, and some will just be my stream of conscienousness-ness :-) Anyway, whoever stumbles across this now...enjoy. And someday, if this is surfed up by my kids, maybe years from now, have fun getting to know the inner workings of your mom...I hope it doesn't freak you out too much...oh and know I love you like crazy!


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