Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Discerning a Calling

You know I was thinking last night about why it is so important for one to really spend the time discerning a Calling from God. And I mean any Calling. Say, from having another child (which, as one who practices NFP, is a monthly discussion), to moving across town, to bigger Callings like the Priesthood or Marriage or serving God in some capacity. I say this, because as a devout Catholic, I agree with the Church that women should NOT be Priests.

There are all sorts of reasons for this, Christ being male is the most glaring reason. The reason for me is that the Church says no. That simple. I don't know why women have to get so hung up on doing stuff that men do. I really don't. Are we, as a gender, so hard up that we have to do everything that men do, to prove what? That we can? Gimme a break.

Men cannot carry, give birth to, or breastfeed babies. There really is no topping that. So, let them be Priests. They should have something really special which belongs only to them. Look at the Blessed Mother. Did she run around looking to become the first ordained priest? No. Jesus is the first and last HighPriest. And He gave earthly priestly succession to Peter. Mary was the first Christian, even before Peter. Did anyone see her screaming through scripture for her equal rights to be a priest? Heck, if anyn woman had a good reason it certainly would have been the Mother of God Incarnate! No, her Calling was to be first His mother and then Our mother.

So, what about women who really feel a Calling from God to serve Him in some great capacity. Well, I think being a theologian, professor of religion, lay ministry leader, DRE, RCIA director etc....are all great options. Personally, my dream is to become a Master Catechist or even get a degree in Theology (Catholic, of course). While I was a Protestant I loved theology, now as a Catholic, that loves burns brighter. If left to my own devices, I really would bury myself in Papal Encyclicals, the Writings of the Saints, and other Theological tomes. It is an all encompassing passion. Does this passion make me feel like I should be a priest. NO! It just means that God knows my gifts and He will find the perfect place for me to serve Him. Of course, my family is my first priority now. Yet, children become adults, and there would be time to do something else for God. So, I am letting Him lead me.

This is a great apostolate I just found out about. They have a Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan. That's the kind of thing I salivate over. I want to buy every book, hide in a corner and start reading.

Peace & Love

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