Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Really great dialog about Attachment Parenting in Catholic Families

I found this article by reading a post in the Organic Learning blog that is in one of my near circle groups. I have always been an AP parent. And interestingly, I found that using AP with my kids syncs better with Catholicism than Protestantism (I used to be an Evangelical). On the whole, I think AP fits in perfectly with Christianity, and people like the Ezzo's totally freaked me out and made me really angry....to the point where I would hide their books when I went into bookstores. But the more I have read by JPII (which I have been doing in my FAMILIA group) the more I see how AP blends so beautifully with Catholic teaching more than any other Christian theological vantage point.

I, too, like Danielle Bean. I peruse her blog often, and I imagine I will continue to do so. I don't have any books by Gregory Popcak, but I have friends who do. So, I know of him. I really liked the points he makes in the above post (click on the title to get to it). I do, however, own most of William Sears' books, have met him, and several years ago had a fabulous talk with his wife, Martha, on the phone. She actually directed me to a great article at the Christian Research Institute, an evangelical website, on just how unbiblical and dangerous the Ezzos parenting methods were.

What I really loved about the above exchange, however, was how polite they are to each other. I also benefitted greatly from the discussion of integral procreation and how God gives us the gifts of children, not just timing. This is important to me because I have wanted another child, DESPERATELY, for 5 years. I have stopped charting for over a year...and still no baby. God really is in control. My dh and I have a son with Bipolar Disorder. God knows how much time and energy he takes from us and out other 2 children. If we are blessed by God to have another child someday, I will know it is because God KNEW that Ben needed all that extra time from us...and that another little soul might have suffered needlessly if brought to our family any earlier.

Being Catholic and a parent who practices AP are all about TRUST in God and the way He created us to be. What else is there that would encourage Saintliness other than that?


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