Saturday, January 5, 2008

This WAS me 20 years ago.

Oh, how I wish I looked like that still.  I know it's vain, but darn, I was a hottie!  Was, of course, is the operative word here. I am 41 now.  This pic was taken when I was 21, in 1987. I miss the 80's!!!  My New Year's Resolution is to try and recapture a little of the girl I was.  I was a size 6 back then, now I am a 14.  I think I would be happy to settle on a size 10.

~Here's to a Peaceful (and maybe a little thinner) New Year!


Leonie said...

Love the pic - and love the 80s, too. We've been havin' a rockin' time, singing along with our PS 2 Singstar 80s, this Christmas season. :-)

Cindy said...

Woo Hoo! My computer is smokin' Rachel.. lol

You were and ARE beautiful!
Honestly, now no one take offense.. but I have often seen moms walking around with little ones and they are a tight size 4, have spiked heels, bleached blonde, sun glasses and just ooze glamour, but the kids look sad.

I think kids like a slightly squishy mom who will bake cookies and not go nuts if they eat a few and are good cuddlers.

Just my thoughts!

But we can be healthy and lovely, too!

Thanks for posting the picture..:)