Friday, June 6, 2008

Check up

So, I have been getting all the results back from my recent exams, screenings, blood work etc.
Mammogram was clear (thanks to those former little breastfed children)
I'm down 13 pounds, have 20 left to go. I have dropped 1 clothing size.
My fat % is down 4%.
I have lost 5 inches from my waist, 1 from each of the following: hips, chest, arms, thighs
My blood work is all within normal limits.
And the best of all, my cholesterol had been 219 over the last few years, and since implementing healthy food and exercise it is now 188.  My cholesterol was 180 in my 20's so this is pretty cool news to me. 

So, barring an unforseen fatal accident, I am feeling better about my life expectancy. Watch me lose the 20 pounds that are left and then get knocked up. Just my luck.  Though, I certainly won't complain. I'll just make sure I have a very fit pregnancy.
When my kids look back over this blog, someday, they will know I was taking care of myself for them, for Robert and for me.  I set so many bad's about time I starting setting some good ones.



Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

Way to go Rach!!!! You are doing a great job.

Catherine said...

Goog results, Rachel.
You succeed better than me. Can you send me a little bit of your will. The problem is the week end. I feel I can once a week eat like the others then, on monday, it's deception! So, the loss is less spectacular than yours, but I maintain.