Thursday, June 26, 2008

You've GOT to be kidding me!?!

Hey! Thanks for caring where I was! (And you know who you are). I'm peeved because I have been working on turning myself back in to as close to the bad ass I was formerly. So, I been going out, everyday, walking or running and sweating and feeling great. I am getting thinner, fitter, and my muscle tone is super improved. What could possibly happen to screw this up? I will tell you what....I have been getting freakin HIVES after I exercise!!! I was kind of psyched when I truly felt compelled to start running. Granted, I wasn't getting far because I love to sprint (I was on the Track team in High School) so I still suck at pacing myself. Anyway, after a trip to my dermatologist I was told that I have something called cholinergic urticaria (I know sounds scary) which basically is exercise induced hives...go it....I am NOT making this up!  I can't get overheated or overexert myself because BAM! my adorable face turns bright red, feels like it's on fire, starts to itch like mad and sometimes goes away after a few hours or worse a few DAYS!!!

Right now I am in a "goes away in a few DAYS" mode and it's been almost a week!! Now just my jaw line is itchy and I look 97% like myself. However, the Doc said I was a bit of a mystery...because I am also highly allergic. So, I could be being trigged by a combination of when I get flushed from exercise and my pores are open and I am outside it is easy for pollens, polutants, WHATEVER to get in my skin and make it go nuts. So, I am back in my house stuck on a treadmill which is B O R I N G!! But it has helped. I can only go about 35 to 40 minutes because when I am 'in the zone' is when the hives come out of hiding. I am hoping against hope that this is mostly seasonal/temperature related. Because when it starts to get cold in the Fall my butt is going to be back outside.

We are members of a pool so I have included swimming back in. I love to swim. I would have been on a swim team had I gone to a big enough high school.

Bottom line is that I will not be deterred!! I must go now, my Hunny rented a Netflix movie for me!!! It's 27 Dresses a total chick

A shot of me in my former days (I'm trying to get back some of it):


Rob said...

Well that sucks. I have heard of it happening to people though. I’d probably off myself if that happened to me.
I’m glad you can at least workout some inside.
I swim but I stink at it and I don’t like it. But I make myself do it.

Wow that is a great picture!

Leonie said...

So glad to hear you have been working out - I see the Leslie S links, too. I was doing leslsie S after my surgery! PS - Dr Who Xmas special was on TV here last night and series 4 starts here next Sunday! Woo hoo!

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

You are an inspiration in your working out....I need to get off my butt. BTW, that photo reminds me of the Robert Palmer Girls.....

anyhoo, hoping you can beat those hives. Andy is right there with you on the heat factor here, so now you have that and the Pixies in common.