Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm gonna try it (fingers are crossed)

It is an awesome day outside. Just to clarify for you sun worshipping types, an awesome day, to me, is one that is extremely cloudy, breezy, and gray.  A perfect day, to me, would be gray clouds and rain all day long.  I was born on Long Island, New York, in the town of Southampton. I lived there until I was 8 years old, then we moved to Florida (YUK!!!!!!! The ONLY thing I liked about Florida was hurricane season because we got so much rain).

Every Summer I went back to the Hamptons and the weather there is very, well...English. Out on the Island there is a lot of drizzly rain, overcast's fabulous!!! Here is a picture of a rainy golf course in Southampton in June. (I don't know who the guy is.)  Sure there are beautiful sunny days. But the rain....oh the rain. So, today looks like a Southampton day. I have taken both kinds of antihistamines and I won't push myself too hard, but I HAVE to get outside today. My hives have cleared so, please, God, keep the them away. 


Leonie said...

Oh, I love sunny days, blue skies - they make me happy!

Sara said...

I'm with Leonie, I love sunny days with blue skies and puffy clouds! But I can see the beauty in a day like yesterday. Also, a great day to work out if its not storming.

I find it so ironic that you get hives from exercising in the heat, since you hate it so much. Consider this: Walking, punctuated by 5 or 6 100 yard sprints. Intervals are supposed to work so much better for fitness and you don't get as hot, tired, and sweaty. I wouldn't go out and try it at noon, but maybe on cooler days or early a.m., late evening?

You're doing great on your weight loss and exercise! 2 thumbs up and an around-the-world snap! ;)